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Amy Reinhold

I am so blessed to be a member of the 6th grade team at Eisenhower Elementary School. We have an excellent faculty and staff, and our sixth grade team is amazing! The opportunity to teach at Eisenhower continues to be both exciting and fulfilling.

I have been in education now for seventeen years as a para-professional, substitute teacher and classroom teacher. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Emporia State University in Kansas. I have taught sixth grade here at Eisenhower Elementary School for fourteen years now and have enjoyed every moment of it.

My personal philosophy is this: I believe that all students are capable of learning, and should become lifelong learners, therefore I expect my students to always do their personal best in everything they do. I believe that students learn best in an encouraging environment that caters to their individual learning needs, therefore I expect respect from, and give respect to, all of my students. I believe that effective teachers do more than just teach the material, such as knowing the preferences of each student and being aware of individual strengths and weaknesses in the classroom, therefore I strive to find unique and creative ways to bring the material alive for the students.

My strengths as a teacher are my never-ending search for and love of knowledge, my ability to cooperate with coworkers in an effort to become a better teacher, my desire to help my students overcome their weaknesses, discover their strengths, and succeed as learners, my understanding that I don’t know it all, and my willingness to seek help from others in attaining my goal of success for all students.

Based on all of these things, my classroom should always be open, honest and respect-filled, incorporate literature across the curriculum, be filled with meaningful learning tied to standards, utilize a wide variety of strategies and methods to ensure maximum success, and demonstrate creativity and enthusiasm throughout the learning process.