Eisenhower Elementary School


Dear Parents/Guardians:


At the beginning of each school year we review library rules and how to care for library books. Being able to choose a book, take it home, care for it, and return it on time is practicing responsibility--one of the character traits discussed and modeled throughout the school year. Learning how to use a library and find books on topics that interest us is a lifetime skill.


A library visit could include a read aloud period which I hope will expose them to new authors, subjects and stories they may not have considered, as well as time to choose their books for the week. Also, at each grade level students will be learning library skills so that they may develop into confident independent library users. Listed is the number of books each student will be allowed to check out each week by grade level.


Kindergarten-1 book

1st Grade-1 book

2nd-6th Grade- 2 books (2nd grade will only check out 1 book during the month of August)


Library books are always due the following week.  Students may renew books as needed.


We can always use Volunteers!!!

If you would like to help in the library, we’d love to have you!!!



As an integral and essential component of the instructional program of the Fort Leavenworth District Schools, the library media program provides intellectual and physical access to information, literature, and technological resources. By promoting the competency and independence of all students in the use of information and information technology, the program creates learning environments, which encourage lifelong learning in an ever-changing society to meet the needs of all learners.


During weekly visits students learn about the library, great books to read, web tools for learning, how to access and use information, research and note-taking, and so much more.




Wanted:  Parent Volunteers
Parent volunteers are needed to help in the library, specifically to shelve books and maintain bulletin boards.  Volunteers sign up to come in once a week for a few hours either in the morning or afternoon.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Karen Miller at kmiller@usd207.org.
Library Schedule
8:20-9:05  6th grade
9:10-9:55  5th grade
10:00-10:45  3rd grade
10:50-11:35  4th grade
11:35-12:05  Lunch
12:05-12:50  1st grade
12:55-1:40  2nd grade
1:45-2:30  Kindergarten
2:30-3:15  Plan