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  • 00:11 Lu Interactive Game

    Students are having fun throwing overhand at the interactive Lu Targets. They are assessing their accuracy by the number of points they earn.

    Uploaded Oct 19, 2023 by Karen Miller
  • 3:08 Professor PE Stein Don't Be A Couch Potato!

    This video was created by Coach Miller during Virtual Teaching. One parent after the lesson said she appreciated the creativity and loved hearing her son giggle during his health lesson. Another parent joked how they wished they had those parent special zapping powers.

    Uploaded Feb 04, 2023 by Karen Miller
  • 8:45 Professor PE Stein Dino Run!

    Come along on this virtual PE exercise adventure created by Coach Miller. Students run, roll, jump and swim through the school on an adventure with Professor PE Stein in search of the Dino babies. Along the way meet up with T-Rex, triceratops, apatosaurus, stegosaurus and raptors. Helicopters, rolling logs, fire, falling rocks and water are just some of the special effect.

    Uploaded Feb 04, 2023 by Karen Miller
  • 00:18 Rock Paper Scissor Hula Hoop

    Students squeal with delight playing the game Rock, Paper, Scissor Hula Hoop. Students jump down the hoops until they meet their opponent. They compete by playing rock, paper, scissor. The winner advances down the game board. If they make it all the way to the other side, they win a chip.

    Uploaded Dec 01, 2022 by Karen Miller
  • 00:54

    Uploaded Dec 06, 2021 by Katie Rolf

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