Eisenhower Elementary School

Coach Karen Miller

Welcome to Eisenhower Elementary Physical Education! As a teacher, I love working with children teaching them the importance of health and exercise. I started teaching at Eisenhower Elementary in 2012. Previously I taught at SMSD in Kansas City. I have a master's degree from the University of Kansas in Physical Education and a Business Administration degree from SIUE. I was awarded KU "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" for the National Association of Sport and Physical Education NASPE. I am a Certified Director of Physical Activities in the Let's Move Active Kansas School LMAKS.


Earth Day IKE Exercise Exploration

On Earth Day, my students virtually explored the world by means of technology I created . Talking animals revealed fun facts about their habitat and diet along with exercises to mimic their behavior. The emphasis was to promote youth ambassadors in dedication, commitment and awareness for a healthy earth. This was created during the Continuous Learning spring of 2020.

Animated May Exercise Calendar with Coach Miller

The Animated May Exercise Calendar that I created for the Continuous Learning Session during spring of 2020

Cheerleading Skills

Allow Reagan who is on a competitive cheerleading team to teach you the most popular cheerleading skills.