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Find the Right Book

Find the Right Book


Step 1: Know your child’s interest

  • Genre
  • Favorite Author
  • Favorite Book Series


Step 2: Know your child’s reading level

  • Ask me
  • 5 Finger Check – Go to any random page. Your child reads the page, keeping track of unknown words.
    • 0-1 mistakes – may be too easy
    • 2-4 mistakes – right on
    • 5 mistakes – too challenging
My Tip: If the genre is of high interest, but a bit too challenging, try having a “book club” with your child and discuss the chapters together to ensure they are comprehending the story. Sometimes interest level is more important. Just avoid frustration.


Step 3: Go shopping! I like to browse at bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, because they do a great job at sorting books according to general reading level.


Step 4: Use the AR BookFinder App and 

scan the book’s barcode. This will give you the ATOS Book Level. A Book Level of 3.2 is third grade, second month.


Step 5: Use the Common Sense Media App to ensure the book is appropriate. This may not be a problem now, but when your child begins reading higher level books, this app is a must. This will give information about the naughty stuff!